Conceptual Designs

Our team of architects and designers strive to create innovative solutions, that are environmentally responsible while also meeting the
functional needs of our clients.
Our recent conceptual projects embody the principles of WABi, which celebrates simplicity, imperfection, and natural materials.

Here are a few conceptual examples:

Tiny House

The WABi Tiny is the perfect eco-friendly choice for modern adventurers. Its compact design takes up minimal space, yet its well-crafted structure offers all the comforts of a luxurious 6 star hotel. It’s low maintenance design allows travelers to stay worryfree, knowing that you’re having a considerably lower carbon footprint than other accommodation alternatives.

We hope you see our WABi Tiny as a deliberate shift from excessive developments. Instead, a beautifully crafted and inspiring new wave of responsible tourism.

Star Gazer Tent

Introducing the Star Gazing Tent. Our latest design perfect for the unique glamping experience, sitting in bed watching the stars.

Eco Structures innovative Star Gazer Tent allows for an immersive stargazing experience that will leave your guests awestruck. 
Give the experience of floating among the stars – travellers won’t forget this luxury accommodation anytime soon!

There is nothing better than nature, at any level of luxury.

Tourism of Tomorrow

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy cabin in the mountains or a luxurious beachside retreat, WABi Tourism of Tomorrow range is intentionally crafted to
offer a flexible and adaptive solution for all your tourism needs.

Tourism of Tomorrow - Roof Range

Explore the future of WABi Systems through a variety of stunning roof designs.

Stretch Tent

The design brief for these experiences would be simple: to highlight the natural beauty and cultural richness of the chosen destination. Each stretch tent would be designed with the location in mind, incorporating colors, textures, and patterns inspired by the local landscape and traditional crafts. The tents themselves would be carefully placed in picturesque locations, allowing visitors to soak up the stunning scenery while also enjoying the unique design of the tents.

Zoo Tent

Welcome to the Roar and Snoar Zoo Glamping Tent! We have crafted the ultimate animal-lovers camping experience, where guests can feel the thrill of being in the wilderness without compromising on luxury. Our glamping tent is located in the heart of a zoo, offering guests an opportunity to observe and interact with animals in their natural habitat.

Leaf Tent

Introducing the Leaf Tent – a sustainable, innovative design that reimagines traditional building materials and incorporates nature into the structure of a building. The Leaf Tent features a unique ribbed spine that securely holds PVC material, creating a leaf-like pattern that covers and envelopes the entire building.

Luxury Tent Series

The Luxury Tent design is inspired by the harmony between nature and contemporary living. Our tents are crafted from high-quality canvas material that will keep you cool in the summer and warm during the colder months.


We have ensured that every aspect of the design embodies sophistication, luxury, and practicality. The spacious interior boasts high ceilings, comfortable king-sized beds, and an exquisite fireplace, which creates a cozy ambiance.